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As more and more people are becoming aware of the many nutritious benefits of grass-fed beef, many more farms and ranches are producing non-GMO, organic grass fed beef.  Some folks who’ve tried grass fed beef might think it’s too lean, not marbled (fatty) enough, not tasty like the beef raised in feed lots, but our Texas Grass Fed Beef producers are putting that myth up in smoke, one bite at a time.  Grassfed beef doesn’t have to be overly lean, our producers know about quality forages and daily weight gain during the finishing phase that produces the tenderest, juiciest, most succulent meat possible, factors such as animal genetics, healthy animals, nutrition levels in the grass, and healthy soil make all the difference when you’re sitting down to enjoy an excellent steak.

Chefs and gastronomical experts globally are recognizing that high-quality grass fed beef is far better tasting than feed lot, GMO, hormone, pharmaceutical “enriched” beef.  In Mark Schatzker’s book; “Steak: One Man’s Search for the World’s Tastiest Piece of Beef,” he wrote, “when grain-fed steak lovers are given a piece of good grassfed beef, they always love it. No learning curve is required there.”  Purchasers need to know that not all Grass Fed Beef is the same, not all beer or wine is the same, raising and preparing beef is a science and art as complex as making beer.  Chef Dan Barber says, “Grass fed beef tastes different based on the pasture the cattle were eating — which means it varies by farm and even time of year.”

When asked about his favorite grass feed beef Dan says, “The flavor was complex and persistent, like a great wine” which is very well stated and something that all of our producers would concur.  He also remarked that, “With conventional beef, what you’re tasting is fat: nutty and greasy. There’s an oily quality that coats your mouth. One thing that’s missing is real beefiness. The flavor comes from the fat, rather than the animal itself. Grass fed beef has a taste that’s clean and rich, and undeniably beefy.”  This is something to be experienced, you might be wondering… just what does he mean by undeniably beefy?

Each and every time you bite into healthy Grass Fed Beef you’re also helping overcome public costs to human health issues, a direct result of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). The order of magnitude is in the billions of tax dollars wasted on preventable sickness and disease.  What value do we put on ourselves and the health of loved ones.  Some folks who’ve never been to Texas, think that America will always need feedlots to produce enough beef, another myth that’s going up in smoke.  Where does food come from to feed the animals?  The reality is that 1) enriching soils creates better grass production, much higher tonnage food yield, 2) rotating fields means more cross fencing, but reductions in hay production costs, 3) healthy animals don’t require pharmaceutical drugs and this and more reduces the costs of producing beef.

Let’s not put our trust in barbaric old school “science” of CAFOs that sustains mega drug companies while polluting our earth, and endangering our precious human family.  Grass fed beef production along with regenerative grazing methods minimizes waste and restores the environment while providing good healthy food.  There is significant regional diversity of lands, and climates here in Texas, nevertheless farmers and ranchers all over Texas are now moving towards true and honest organic science.  Some ranchers produce both 100% grass fed, and, all-Natural beef, where their all-Natural beef is over 90% raised on grass and finished on organic feeds. This makes for a very healthy and tasty alternative without the CAFOs.

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